The Ballad of Kelly Thomas

Julian Porte
Lingua: Inglese

Well a man named Kelly Thomas was sitting on a bench
When he was approached by two law men,
resisting arrest, they beat him down to the floor,
he cried out for help, so they beat him down some more

He yelled out for his father, he yelled for them to stop
but it was a slow night at the precinct, so they dispatched four more cops,
their clubs and their fists were wailin’ in the air,
when Kelly’s eyes turned over, they just didn’t seem to care

There was evil in their eye’s and blood on their hands,
so the people standin’ round were too afraid to help this man,
when they finally took a break from beating in his head,
they sent him to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead

Well No one knows why they murdered Kelly Thomas,
Cus the evidence that night is sitting up in the DA’s office,
the mayors telling lies and the chief just won’t be honest,
Ooh my God, do these men even have a conscience?!

Well the mayor even tried to hush his fathers grievin’
said “here’s nine-hundred thousand, lets just call it even”
when I heard the news, you know I couldn’t believe it,
they snuffed a mans life for no Goddamn reason

Well some things are forgotten when wicked men prevail,
but this time the publics voice is not for sale,
So I hope those men are listenin’, hope their faces turnin’ pale,
cus we aint stoppin til we put em’ all in jail!

Well who killed Kelly Thomas?
Who killed Kelly Thomas?
I said who killed Kelly Thomas?
Is it the mayor who’s just not being honest?
Is them down at the DA’s office?
Or was it the six men who beat him down unconscious?!

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