November's Song

Flowers in the Dustbin
Language: English

Chime on chime our bells are crying
For all the deaths until today
But in time, she’ll know for sure
She won’t be seeing her little boy anymore
For even as we try to foget the war
Some lad must bring a letter to her door…

The boys who grow from seeds you sow
Are pushing up weeds in an unknown home
Children grab your grandads guns
We’ll show you how to have some fun

I stood on hills surveying the scars
Amongst the wreckage of my years
And when I saw the mess I’d made
I knew I had to stay

The dark years are behind us
But so are the years of life of trust
All thats left are war machines gathering rust
sending home to their loved ones emptiness and dust

So I’ll lie among the lands the wear my youth
LIke wounds across their fields
And send home men with hollow souls
To nurse their hearts of steel

Nuzzle the muzzle to the skin
Welcome the lead to the iron within
I’m not coming home…

Mother you’ll never run
Your fingers ythrough my hair
You’d better put my letters on the fire
Let my photo fade
If you want to throw away
The memory of
The death of death today

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