Throw Away That Shad Net (How Are We Gonna Tomorrow?)

Pete Seeger
Lingua: Inglese

Throw away that shad net, get rid of hook and line.
There’s no more Hudson fishing, not for a long, long time.
The poison’s in the riverbed, no matter whose the crime.
But how are we gonna save tomorrow?

One thousand honest workers need that paycheck every week,
Way up in Fort Edward where the PCBs did leak.
And the GE Corporation knows the profits it must seek,
But how are we gonna save tomorrow?

PCB was a clever thing, ’way back in twenty-nine.
Transformers and capacitors got turned out on the line.
Nobody suspected what they’d do to us in time,
And now we got to worry ’bout tomorrow.

Well, the purpose of technology is to take a different turn,
We’ll test each new thing carefully, that’s one thing we have learned,
We need a clean world for all to share, and all to work and earn,
Then, maybe, we can save tomorrow.

Well, the experts knew about it, so why not you and me,
Who controls the information in this land of the free?
The laws didn’t seem to help in stopping PCB,
So how are we gonna save tomorrow?

The longest journey taken needs a first step to begin.
This cleanup’s gonna take a while, but now we must begin.
Clearwater says to lend a hand, a claw, a paw, a fin,
’Cause now we got to work to save tomorrow.

[Spoken] “This song’s too sad.”

Here’s to the lowly blue crab, because he has no fat
And so he’s got no PCB (hardly) we can say, hooray for that
So I’ll not quit my crabbing, you can stick that in your hat.
Somehow, we’re gonna save tomorrow.

[Spoken] “In the old days, coal miners took a canary down to test the air.”

Here’s to the canary we took down in the mine.
Here’s to the Hudson stripers, may their warning be in time.
Here’s to all the young folks singing, “This land is yours and mine.”
That’s how we’re gonna save tomorrow.

Oh, the glory’s on the river, and the struggle’s on the shore
Next year is 1976; let’s start a little war
Anyone who thinks we’re quitting better take just one think more
And that’s how we’re gonna save tomorrow.

So don’t throw away that shad net, don’t junk that hook and line
We’re gonna make some changes, we’re gonna start in time
Clearwater sings to all of us, “This land is yours and mine”
And that’s how we’re gonna save tomorrow
And that’s how we’re gonna save tomorrow.

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