Cantendhe pro non pranghere

Kenze Neke
Language: Sardinian

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Dal disco intitolato “Boghes de pedra

kenze neke - boghes de pedra
Una gherra infernale nos istan preparendhe e cren de fagher assu.
Macos e criminales nos sunu guvernandhe peus de satanassu.
Milli bombardieris in s'area 'e Sardigna si pesan a gherrare.
Get out from here! Get out from my Land!

S'innanti no los feri, s'innanti no los frimmas noch'an a interrare.
No moas unu passu, no artzies de ogru, no iscuter faedhu.
Tiros in cada zassu, bases in onzi logu, bombas in tottue.
Get out from here! Get out from my Land!

Torro dae triballu istraca e cossumida pro mi poter campare.
Nanchoi fit un triballu: m'an leadu sa vida proendhe a gherrare.
Batindhe a manigare pro sos fizos de su coro in barca so andhadu.
Get out from here! Get out from my Land!

Sos Bojes Militares cun sas gherras issoro mi hana mitralladu.
Naves, ariopranos, missiles e ispidos, bombas, bruvera, e prumu.
Su pane dae manos leana sos famidos pro lu pesare in fumu.

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