Martin Hurson

Gerry O'Glacain
Lingua: Inglese

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hurMartin Hurson fu una delle vittime dello sciopero della fame del Blocco H di Long Kesh (Maze) nel 1981. Questa canzone gli è dedicata specificamente. Il testo è ripreso da questa pagina.
Among the hills of green Tyrone
An Irish soldier lies
The youthful Martin Hurson who for Ireland gave his life
To uphold his country´s dignity he followed Bobby Sands
On Hunger Strike for human rights
To death he took his stand

Through dreary days in that H- Block cage
My thoughts return to you
Though beaten low by savageful
Your memories saw me through
In tortured nights you´re praised in lights
And soothe my fears and pain
And though I´m gone you must fight on
Till Ireland is free again

Naked and pale in my H- Block cell
My heart still burns of you
In fondest dreams I drill the teams
Among your hills again
A guiding light to lead the fight
To free my green Tyrone
The voice of truth for Irish youth
To grouse the British throne

Farewell my native green Tyrone
And you sweet ...
My parents and companions brave
I´m watching over you yet
Of you who blessed my childhood days
Or memories I recall
And so farewell to the land I love truely
A land along the Foyle

And so farewell to the land I love truely
A land along the Foyle

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