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Weapons That Mask Destruction
God Bless America

Lyrics and Music by ILLigitt (feat. SK)
Album: ILLigittimate Writtens

It's basically a song about the war and what's going on in the world. I know a lot of people are going to talk shit about it, but I don't care. These are things that need to be said.
People want a perfect world, but there's crooked politicians
Step up to expose 'em and get shook up by the system
Look, my eyes envision, a President that's adequate
We're the most powerful nation but we don't know how to manage it..
It's damagin', to ourselves, the people are blinded
No wonder we like fast food, 'cuz beef is the mind state..
You wonder why everyone hates us, tryin' to police the world
But you can't see the sufferin', life is too sweet in 'burbs
For you to realize, we hoggin' up all the oil
We optin' to go to war, you strugglin' for ice
But there's people in the world who are strugglin' to survive
And those are the same people they gettin' the public to despise..
Saddam has had weapons, we've known it since Desert Storm
He's never used 'em against us, even in the war
America's in the wrong, and we don't care enough to tell
SUV's are terrorist? We the terrorists ourselves..
Countries didn't backstab us, they realize our wrong ways
I have the right to so I'ma speak, despite what y'all say
Bush got to be President, I'm still appalled
How'd he free the Iraqi people once he killed 'em all?
We got a couple buildins gone, but we been bombin' cities
In the Mid East every day for the past ten years
But it's not wrong until ya ass has to shed tears
It gets worse and worse every day that I've been here..

I know that it hurts
To see a family torn apart
The money flows so easily
Crashing into our hearts…

People try to tell me I need to support my country
I respect the troops, it's just that war is money
It's like ya bored and hungry, we stole the land ya standin' on
We doin' it again, sick of big shoes bein' filled
By stupid little men, you can take a stand
The Great Nation of America hates embarrassment
Bombin' women and kids and call 'em terrorists
To strike fear in people, that's all that terror is
I can't wait til you realize you're wrong and arrogant
Tearin' clips in people with deceitful evil
Conspiracy theory, ya leaders is supplyin'
All the errors ya hearing, listen to the words
Call me unpatriotic, for usin' my rights
Saddam should be killed, but Bush is doin' it in spite
They piss us off, we invadin' 'em all
But the way we doin' it, straight breakin' the law..

I've tried to forget
And erase this pain
Forgot about yesterday
'Cause tomorrow's just another day to face..

I'm looking for the answers
To let this feeling go away..
But everything is so complicated
I just see blacker days..

All these little kids
That deal with this bullshit
While we sit and try to find what's behind all of this..
Maybe it's the racism
Maybe it's the fascism
Either way we're all left to suffer..

Explicit times, in an explicit life
Promises once meant everything
What are we really worth?
Beautiful people in an ugly life..

Contributed by giorgio - 2013/9/8 - 10:10

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