The Self Help Group
Lingua: Inglese

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(The Self Help Group)
Big Nose George
(The Self Help Group)

Nell’album intitolato “Not Waving, But Drowning”‎

Do you know my name?‎
They sent me for the prisoner
It is cold in here ‎
I'm frightened of the dark
Because I woke up in here ‎
I cannot find my uniform
Could you tell my wife
I'll be late home this evening?‎

Can I have a visitor?‎

I can't feel my hands ‎
It seems that I'm the prisoner
I don't understand
I'm terrified and no one can see
That I just came ‎
They sent me for the prisoner
I've been here for years ‎
But no one can remember me

No one can remember ‎

Will you hold my hand?‎
I'm frightened of the people
‎'Cause I am small and I am sure ‎
I really shouldn't be here
‎'Cause they just sent me here ‎
To get the prisoner
There's the guillotine ‎
Will someone tell my family?‎

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