Song for Anne Frank

Harvey Andrews
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole e musica di Harvey Andrews
Nell’album intitolato “Spring Again”‎

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Come, lock the door up tight, the night's for sleeping
Hiding in the dark, no light must show,
And did you paste up pictures of your heroes
To ask of them the answers they don't know
Cowboy kings who wore the white of freedom
Where were they to save you from the flame?
The yellow star would never shine like silver
And the Sheriff would soon learn to live with shame

There was no help for children in the shadows
Who never knew the meaning of their pain
The reasons give no answers to the questions
And now the circle brings them round again
I pause inside your room and wait for whispers
An echo of a voice that calls your name
To tell you that the world still welcomes lovers
But the headlines for the news are still the same

They're still the same, still the same
Still the same, still the same

And hidden in the diary they are selling
You offer me a mirror for today
In which I see the image of tomorrow
And I stare awhile, then turn, and walk away

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