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Everybody is silent
For majority peace 
Let's say no war for money and greed

We are all born free and equal
No one born lonely
No one standing alone
No one is illegal

I have also a question I would love to ask
Are we all the same but not equal?
Or are we all equal but not the same?

Are you happy seeing Palestinians bleeding tears everyday?
Are you really happy seeing Africa burning everyday?

When the lion kills, just for food
But when man kills, just to show his superiority
This is the difference
Injustice to one is injustice to all

Kimse sebepsiz göçmez bu dünyada
ulussuz, sınırsız bir dünya
kimse sebepsiz göçmez bu dünyada
sınırsız, sürgünsüz bir dünya

No border, no nation, stop deportation!

We need freedom of movement for all
We are all the same
The sun belongs to one and all
Open borders
Stop deportation
Lets live together with our differences
Yes we can
Open borders

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