Your Poverty is Our Profit

Ryan Harvey
Language: English

Africa's starving, the news came in
In the north, 11 million
The United Nations sent cash again
Too little, too late, like it's always been
Begging for funding on the BBC
They brought the blame to you and me
While the Western Governments sail the sea
Spending billions on the war machine
"You careless people should give the bit
You've earned at work in the years you've spent"
The myth of the caring government
Everyone knows it's bullshit
Like their ancestors, they're out for gold
Their story-line is bought and sold
The new excuse is a twist of the old
They've got Africa in a strangle-hold

Exxon's profits are record high
As they scan the world for a chunk buy
A new market, a fresh supply
Of labor and life to colonize
They've got more wealth than you'll ever see
But they place the blame on you and me
They've mastered the art of piracy
Their posh adventure, your misery
"We sent you food but you ate it all
And yes the portion was awfully small
But in the public eye, we met the call
And if we send anymore our stock might fall
We've got wars to fight, roads to build
Toys to make, groups to kill
We're out for factories, mines and mills
We don't give a shit if you're belly's filled

Now as the desert expands and the oceans rise
You should open your wallets and close our eyes
Let economics rule your lives
You'll recieve our aid if you privatize
Your water, your land, your way of life
Your minds, your schools, your health, your rights
You pick the fruit, you plant the rice
We'll pull the profit, you'll pay the price
Our national wealth was stolen fair
You plowed our fields, we brought you here
The world you knew, the land you shared
The life we took, our war declared
Now we own the planet through bombs and debt
We're out for anything we can get
Africa, you've bled for this
Your povery is our profit

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