Wolves in Wolves' Clothing

Language: English

We are Rome, Aztec Mexico, ‎
Easter Island paradigm
We are followers of Jimmy Jones, ‎
cutting in the kool-aid line

We are Animal Farm Pigs,‎
we are a Terry Gilliam film
We are fear Oligarchy, ‎
we are wolves in wolves' clothing,
We are this planet's kidney stones

In the process of getting passed, ‎
metamorphosis from first to last
A system breaking down beyond repairs
A product of three million millionaires, ‎
a hundred million easy marks

We are Marie Antoinette,‎
we are Joseph McCarthy
We've finally become the Divided States
A nation built on freedom, fear and hate, ‎
the denotation of Irony

We all want a Hollywood end, ‎
but we're getting a foreign one
The script has already been penned, ‎
and titled "the epitaph of a drowning nation"‎

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