Anti Apartheid

Bert Jansch
Lingua: Inglese

I listen to the words that whisper in my ear
i've heard the words of anger, i know the words of fear
but are whispered in the shadows, the only word of freedom

Anti-apartheid is all that i hear

To separate the colours and break the rainbow sign
to ask the finest painter to draw a crooked line
will only slow the journey to here again another time

Anti-apartheid is all that's on my mind

I cannot bear to think of people cast aside
i fail to see the reason why of colour you must hide
and why of freedom can't you sing a song to change the rushing tide

Anti-apartheid is what you must decide

Anti-apartheid is what you must decide

Now 50 years of science has brought us to the moon
yet of 50 years of talking of freedom coming soon
has taught us nothing but to split and segregate a room

Anti-apartheid is a hope of freedom soon

If men were of one colour how silly life would be
a regimented army to work a factory
that produces daily a gift of boredom given free

Anti-apartheid is what it's meant to be

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