We're Coming For The Captain

Ryan Harvey
Language: English

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Based on stories of people like Hasan Akbar and many others during the Vietnam War.
I signed up for the money
Thought it'd pay for school
Maybe get myself a car or something
That'd be pretty cool
Of course they lied about that money
They played me for a fool
Cuz now I'll have to find a job
And I won't have time for school

We we're looking for these weapons
They said we're buried underground
No one I knew ever saw them
In fact they we're never found
We we're looking for these weapons
That's why they sent us here
We're being used by politicians
That's becoming pretty clear

We we're searching these civilians
At checkpoints on the road
Pointing loaded guns at children
Cuz hey you never know
Could be a suicide bomber
Or their car might explode
Al Qaida rushed in through the border
Now they're everywhere you go

And we're up against insurgents
Who want us all to die
They're putting bombs inside of road kill
And I know exactly why
We killed so many people here
And now they're placing blame
And if they did this to my country
I'd probably do the same

My unit spent 3 months terrified
In the minefield of Iraq
Now a bunch of us got Stop Lossed
They're sending us all back
The Army's low on soldiers
Disillusionment has grown
Now we've started talking
We've got a mission of our own

Cuz now we're coming for the Captain
To reap the seeds he's sown
Everybody hit the deck
Because his tent's about to blow
Tell the General if we find him
That he's the next to go
We're coming for the Captain
And then we're going home

Contributed by adriana - 2006/8/17 - 16:13

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