The Headstones Of War

Ryan Harvey
Language: English

The blank canvas of youth
Torn by the empty promise of an early death
It started in Oklahoma
It ended in Iraq
It started in Mississippi
It ended in Iraq
It started in Nebraska
It ended in Iraq
Now it's here, lifeless in the archives of a slave nation
A reminder of past and future disasters of human creation

The headstones of war
Small white crosses erected upon a ground full of severed bodies
Endless rows of death
Symbols of these massacres that have killed so many
The generic products of government checks

Thousands and thousands and thousands more
Sacrificed to the God of War
In cities like Fallujah, Baghdad, Tikrit
Torn to pieces by bombs on the side of the street
By civilian gunmen with a hidden stash
Watching friends get swallowed by shrapnel blasts

This is war. It looks like this.

A dusty vision of violence and fear
The certainty of a painful death
The uncertainty of a safe return
Participation is slaughter
The forfeiting of individual choice
The ultimate submission to powerful hands and powerful plans
Fighting for a freedom neither tasted nor seen
Dragging stones for some future history's achievements
Absorbing the bullets of a profit war
Living for the fortunes of other people

The headstones of war
Anonymous in death as in life
A misplaced sacrifice paid with the blood of so many with intentions of care
Fostered, lied to, and coerced with fear to lay down their lives for a nightmare

A graveyard for American soldiers
A graveyard for the children of war
A graveyard for the inhabitants of the cities
A graveyard for the future's dreams

Not an accident, but a plan

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