Calling Mumia

Massive Attack
Lingua: Inglese

Just want to come up to pull me down
I just got my feet on solid ground
Disconnect the plug
No more sound
I can't be heard or seen
Now what does it mean
No conclusion
Open your eyes
See, 'cause the revoultion will be televised
I gained support
I came to court
Cursed the judge
Did'nt even budge
Did'nt even look at me
Shrugged and shooked at him
He gave me life and threw the book at me
It's sad 'cause a man lost his life
Familes crying
Witnesses lying
Played by the P.A
Made by the D.A
And it's in the game just like E.A
You've gotta have fun when your in the pen
With the game over, ain't no motherfucker starting again

(Locked away)
(Nowhere to turn)
(Put that shit down)
(You live like we live)
(Back against the wall)
What up man! (repeat and fade)

You just might lock up
Maybe shut the fuck up
Before you get stuck up
The way you feel
That's the way I feel
The will to deal
Mean the will is
What up man! (repeat and fade)

Kill or be killed
Dead man talking
Dead man walking
The will to will
That will is the way I used to live
And the way I live now is to educate and elevate the kids
And give them more than weed and bottles of beer
And show them how to live like this here!
Yeah, got alot to say
'Cause it ain't no fun when your locked away
You've gotta pay me, stay wagey, stay free
Seems like I'm going through obstacles
None to heavy
None to deep
Pined to the back
Wrapped up the leaf
Ben's in the jack
Just traded them in
Just sent all of the money to the homie in the pen
Yeah I've got a what up man
To my homie, Jamal
What up man!

Any wonder why we say
"Fuck The Police!"
What up man!

(Locked away)
Wrongfully accused
(Nowhere to turn)
I'm locked away with nowhere to turn
(Back against the wall)
My back against the motherfuckin' wall
(Locked away)
Yeah, but I'm still speaking the truth
(Nowhere to turn)
(Back against the wall)
Can't stop me
My words gonna live on, man
You can kill the body but you can never kill the spirit
My back against the wall
Nowhere to turn
That's whats up, nigger!
That's whats up!

What up man!
(Locked away)
What up man!
(Nowhere to turn)
Nah nigger, what up!
Nah, what up!
(Back against the wall)
Yeah, what up man!
(Locked Away)
(Nowhere to turn)
(Back against the wall)
(Locked away)
(Nowhere to turn)
What up man!
(Back against the wall)
We go

(Locked away)
(Nowhere to turn)
(Back against the wall)

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