Wounded Knee

Lingua: Inglese

What colour's in fashion
What's your passion
Is it black or white
What cause do you groove on,
Do you move on
Is it left or is it right?
Some endangered species
It's so easy when they're far away and cute
But in the meantime
On the bottom line
Our government loots the people,
They are Leonard Peltier
The original people
They are Leonard Peltier
We still loot the people
They are Leonard Peltier

Stereotypes all around
Colourfull stereotypes falling down
One by one we peek behind
But when it comes to red we draw the line

The camps and the holocaust, so many lost
We call our camps reservations and say we're civilized
Then our genocide in the name of creation
Remember the Alamo, so long ago
But not the murders at Wounded Knee
We call apartheid a crime
We might draw the line

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