Hills of Virginia

David Ferrard
Language: English

They came out of nowhere
to the hills of Virginia; – I just turned sixteen.
They talked of our nation
needing protection
And adventure I'd never seen.
So I signed the papers,
I got my training,
Then they called me to fight,
But all I could think of
were the hills of Virginia
When we landed that night.

We came and we conquered
like a tornado –Our mission was quick and bold.
I wasn't gonna be sad to say
bye to Baghdad,
But then we were told:
'Some of you here will be
here for some years; Better treat it like home.'
But my heart was back
in the hills of Virginia,
They were calling me home.

Every night – I'd go back to my days – as a boy.
When I'd wake
with the sun
my weapons were no longer toys.

Over the months
they came out of nowhere,
Those invisible men,
Bombing our tanks,
shelling our camps,
Each night we counted our dead.
A buddy of mine
stepped on a mine;
His body just disappeared..
He never returned
to those hills of Virginia;
All they buried were tears.

Now back on the porch in
the hills of Virginia
I often stare at the sky.
Each star's a buddy
lost to the desert,
As I count them I cry.

And every year
When those men reappear,
They call me out me to address
A new generation
to protect our nation,
America's best.

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