Our Life in Concentration Camps, Pt. 1

Ciati Conlin & the New Invisible Scarlet Daughters of Imhotep
Lingua: Inglese

Lyrics & Music by Ciati Conlin
Album: ...And Then One Day We Die

When the war is over
gonna be a writer
gonna go to Spain and France,
gonna tell the world all about our
All about our lives in concentration camps..

Oh my dear you know I'm dyin'
I have just a few days left
Goodbye sister, goodbye mother
I'll see you when we're all at rest.

I will walk with you to your death
Angora sweaters, Christmas trees
Mother loves you more than you know
Digs you tunnels full of bread and peas.

Airplanes droning overhead
Each night my death I fear I'll meet
Starving children walking the streets alone
Empty shoes and headless feet.

She spends all her time looking out the window
Maybe things'll be alright
Not as optimistic as she seems
She can see the end in sight.

Cold emaciated brittle bodies
Lines like soldiers in their dreams
Buried by the hundred thousands
Life is nothing so it seems.

Bergen-Belsen, scaly potato baby
Rumbly tummy, three-legged head
Shine a golden blue-green fire lantern
How I love the sun she said.

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