Red (for Malcolm X)

Maria Sebastian
Language: English

Red like the highlights in your hair
White men put 'em there
Red like your father on the tracks..

Blue like your mother in the face
Holding on to her place
Red, black, and green
Yet to be seen
Red, white and blue, but not for you

From a hustler hiding in Harlem
To a saved soul in a cell
Bet you never thought the day would come..

Red hot betrayal in their eyes
Jealousy and lies..
Blacker than night was the truth

Blue like a mid-west morning sky
A new day, another try..
Red, black, and green
You would soon see
Red, white and blue maybe for you..

From a puppet; a jack-in-the-box
To a voice all your own
Bet you never thought the day would come..

Black beard meant growth
White robe to let them know
Red found a better way

We remember today
We remember today

Red, black, and green
All in between
Red, white and blue, so much to do

From a color-coded existence
To a color-blinded one
Bet you never thought the day would come,
Bet you never thought the day would come..

Red like they called you way back when…

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