I Will Hide Away

Darren Hayman
Language: English

I’m scared of the face,
I’m scared of the eyes,
I’m scared of the blackness,
And the wrinkles, and the lines.

I’m scared of the demons,
Trapped in the trees,
Ghouls in the branches,
Heathen and hungry thieves.

I will hide away,
I will hide away,
Behind the door, beneath the pillow,
I will hide away.

I’m scared of the questions,
And the marks upon my skin,
I’m scared of all this purity,
And the rattling of the wind.

I will hide away,
I will hide away,
Lift up the floorboards, board up the windows,
I will hide away.

It’s the bird at my window.
It’s the tapping on my pane,
It’s the holy and their laughter,
And what’s missing in their laughs.
If you’re with me, then you’re broken,
You’re abandoned, you’re lost

But I do love you,
If you do, love me too.‎

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