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(Leoncarlo Settimelli)
Il giorno della terra
(Alessandro Bono)
غريب في بلادي
(DAM / دام‎; / דם‎)


These words aren't light, or taken for granted
the way a million miles of sky above the highway is for me
These tanks, these troops are on your Visa bill
Zion, incorporated with impunity..

We are the guards, the architects..
Do you know the blood that's on your hands? No?

Go to sleep, and dream of terror
of a nation of savages cutting throats
of a promised land and a chosen few
and battle lines drawn across the evening news..

Now wake up and try to breathe
It's 40 degrees and the army didn't turn on the water this week
The prison cell you may be born or die in
is manifest of an entire globe screaming fuck you!

Apartheid [x3]
Where do we go from here?
Apartheid [x3]
This is right now

It's not good or evil, black or white
We can't dance around basic human rights
Fuck the border, try crossing the street
There is no God that would not let them free

How can you sleep when your beds are burning?
I refuse to let you ignore this
"Occupation" is not a protest rally
it's a real living hell

Apartheid [x3]
Where do we go from here?
Apartheid [x3]
This ENDS right now

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