Smallpox Champion

Lingua: Inglese

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Album: In on the Kill Taker (1993)

Fugazi-In on the Kill Taker

In questa canzone si denuncia l'orribile pratica utilizzata dai Padri Fondatori degli Stati Uniti per sterminare i nativi americani: le coperte infette con il virus del vaiolo.

A damning critique of early North American expansionism. The title of the song and the lines referring to "blankets, warm like the grave" are relating to when the founding fathers donated blankets deliberately infected with small-pox to thin the population of Native Americans. The line "This is the pattern cut from the cloth" is most likely a reference to the concept of America's foundations being frayed by early ignoble actions, leading to a tradition of corruption and deceit.
Smallpox champion u s of a
Give natives some blankets
Warm like the grave
This is the pattern cut from the cloth
This is the pattern designed to take you right out
This is the frontier with winter's so cold
Greed informs action where action makes bold
To take all the cotton that's cut from the stalk
Weave the disease that's gonna take you right out
What is good for the future what was good for the past -
Won't last
Bury your heart u s of a history rears up to spit in your face
You saw what you wanted
You took what you saw
We know how you got it
Your method equals wipe out
The end of the frontier and all that you own
Under the blankets of all that you've done
Memory serves us to serve you
Yet memory serves us to never let you wipe out
You'll get yours
Wipe out

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