Here and Now

Rob Lincoln
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics and Music by Rob Lincoln


"Garage Rocker in the style of Paul Revere & The Raiders with a simple message of Peace. Part of my yet to be released Abrasive Flowers CD (all instruments by me)" (R.L.)
It's a catchy little thing, -Yes and how
If you really want it bad, -You can have it now
I just want peace, -Hear it now
I just want love -Here and now

Don't like war, no kapow
Gotta gather and talk in a pow wow
So your guru might be Chairman Mao
But don't get angry, don't have a cow…

Don't be so mad, mister -I don't know who you are
I never drew a bad picture.. -So don't blow up my car

Just go away, live and let live
Why can't we just learn to forgive?
Leaders stealing from your promised land
I think that I might understand..

Don't be so dumb, mister -don't belong over here
Telling me about freedom - While you cause all these tears..

You say I'm naive -but I say your daft
You're a sinking man -just take my raft
Fight fire with water -not with clichés
Fight fire with fire and we'll all burn today

Don't be so dumb, leaders - We know who you are
You make so much money.. -but can't see very far

Everyone is the same
Everyone wants to survive
Everyone wants to be alive
Just the same..

But when you feel only rage
Then you set the stage for this
It may seem too late for this
But it's not…

Its a funny little thing -Yes and how
If you want it bad -You can have it now
I just want peace -Hear it now
I just want love Here and now
I just want peace
I just want love
Hear it now
Here and Now
You gotta gotta say
You just want peace -Here and now
Yeh yeh

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