Leroy's Dustbowl Blues

Steve Earle
Lingua: Inglese

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Album “The Mountain”, con la Del McCoury Band


Una canzone che non può non essere un tributo al “menestrello dell’Oklahoma” e alle sue ‎‎“Dust Bowl Ballads”…‎
Leroy was a farmer and an honest man
Would have lived in Oklahoma all his days
He just wanted left alone to work a piece of land
But a hard wind come and blew his dreams away
So he headed for the West Coast thought he could not lose
Rollin' down the highway with the dustbowl blues ‎

It's a thousand miles from Broken Bow to Bakersfield
And the highway's paved with heartaches all the way
Leroy drove on lookin' for a better deal
A place a man could settle down and stay
But the police at the state line beat him black and blue
Left him lyin' by the roadside with the dustbowl blues ‎

They say California is a paradise
Hollywood turns night time into day
But up along the San Joaquin those city lights
Might as well be a million miles away
When your kids are cold and hungry wearin' worn out shoes
Standin' in the garden with the dustbowl blues ‎

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