Beluthahatchee Bill

Woody Guthrie
Language: English

Name that I was borned with, name that I’ve got still,‎
Rings out by the sound of Beluthahatchee Bill;‎
You Kluxers tried to scare me, with your words of swill,‎
But you’ll never scare me none, not Beluthahatchee Bill.‎
Beluthahatchee Bill, old Beluthahatchee Bill,‎
Frccdom-lovin', freedom-huntin‘, easy-ridin’ Bill;‎
You can swing me and hang me, and beat me to your fill!‎
But you’ll never slack my speed none, not Beluthahatchee Bill.‎

I’m from down through South America, like mossy mossy moss,‎
I’m from up across old Canada, where Paul Bunyan got so lost;‎
I’m from Pittsburg Beer and Gary Steel, and you know I tell you true,‎
When I tell you I’m a Christian, a Buddhist and a Jew.‎
You tortured me with blow-torches, and dumped me from your car,‎
You tried to burn my home up, and set my woods on fire;‎
You can dynamite my house, and dig my grave upon the hill,‎
But you‘ll never keep me in it, not Beluthahatchee Bill.‎

Beluthahatchee Lands means Never-Never Lands,‎
Never-never bloodied by your bloody hands,‎
Never-never caught in your kid-like traps,‎
Never-never drained like turpentine saps,‎
Never-never scared by all your screams and squeals,‎
Never-never done in by all your dirty deals.‎
You can try your best to kill us, but you know you never will,‎
Ever scratch a finger of Beluthahatchee Bill!‎

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