The Children in the Queue

Harry Rogers
Language: English

After sergeant major grandad died
He dropped out of school
Just couldn’t concentrate no more
Couldn’t see the point of learning
Just seventeen and signing on
Looking for any kind of job
There just was nothing out there
For an untrained mixed up kid
He joined those
Children in the queue
Nothing he could do
Children in the queue
Nothing they can do
He got a ladder, sponge and a bucket
Told the dole they could fuckin’ chuck it
Him and kevin set up washing windows
Blew their takings on cider and weed
Got so stoned it was hard to succeed
Spent the whole summer laying in the park
All their friends from school joined them
Feeding their heads from morning till dark
They were the
Children in the queue
What else could they do
Children in the queue
Nothing they can do

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