Freedom Fighters

Carol Ichinose
Lingua: Inglese

The mosque
Calls its followers
To prayer
Another day is born
Men on the streets
With purpose in their hearts
Walk for freedom

I look on in fear
Pulling a dark scarf
Over my head
Today will be tragic
I can see it all
The snipers
On the rooftops
Sleepless guilty nights awaiting

Women and children
Crying for their men
So hard to watch
I spread my arms
As wide as I can
And try to embrace everyone
But this is out of my reach

The snipers take aim
At their own fathers, brothers and sons
Fear in their hearts
And shoot randomly
Bodies fall
Blood runs
Tears flow
Life is lost
To spare the little ones

Souls hover above
Their lifeless bodies
Unable to move on
As their hearts
Remain with the living
I swoop forward
Gathering them gently
In my arms
And take them up
To a place of rest

The mosque is calling its
Followers to prayer
Adhere, I say, adhere..

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