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Into the Fire
Angels Calling

Lyrics by Pär Sundström and Joakim Brodén
Music by by Joakim Brodén
Album: Coat of Arms

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This track is about the Battle of Midway.

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Midway - 4Jun42 US divebomber attack
~Send them over the waves
Our sentinels
They report in the news~

Position of our foes

This battlefield's been chosen – tactically in advance
Time to alert our fighters
We're soon in range

Midway !
We'll meet at Midway !
Naval War

~Calling all men to deck
Got to be airborne
Head out into the sun~

Descending on our foes..

This is the crucial moment, in the heat of the war
To fly and hit our targets
Down in the waves

Midway !
Display their might, ordering carriers, admirals at war
We'll meet at Midway !
To win the fight, tactics are crucial, naval war

Far from shore, a pacific war
bombs are falling from the skies
Its a bomb run day, it the naval way
A blood red sun is on the rise

Display their might ordering carriers admirals at war
We'll meet at Midway!
To win the fight tactics are crucial naval war


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