Union (Slopes of St. Benedict)

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Music by Joakim Brodén and Pär Sundström
Album: The Art of War

The Art of War

The song "Union (Slopes of St. Benedict)" deals with the battle of Monte Cassino (Italy), a costly series of four battles, during World War II.
Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest battles… Look upon them as your own beloved sons and they will stand by with you even until death…

As a turn of the tide
It is our turn to rise
The force of a union at war
March over the mountains
On our way to the north
On the road that will lead us to Rome

Our way will not be easy
It will take us through hardship and pain
Hill after hill -breaking their line of defense
Head at north !

Mile after mile our march carries on
No army may stop our approach
Fight side by side -Many nations unite
At the shadow of Monte Cassino

We fight and die together
As we head for the valley of death
Destiny calls
We'll not surrender or fail

To arms!
Under one banner
As a unit we stand
And united we fall -
As one fighting together
Bringing the end to the slaughter..

Winds are changing
Head at north!

inviata da giorgio - 24/4/2012 - 08:27

Anche qui - specie nell'intro (a proposito, la sola a dover essere in corsivo) - una canzone di guerra, e il fatto che siano i "buoni" che combattono contro i "cattivi" non cambia di molto la sostanza.
Si veda la traduzione italiana su Canzoni Metal

Bernart Bartleby - 19/10/2015 - 12:42

Pagina principale CCG

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