Stop the War (the Cats Are Killing Themselves)‎

Wingy Manone‎
Lingua: Inglese

[war sound effects]

Man, stop that war, them cats are killing themselves!
Put away the guns, put the bombs on a shelf
Stop this war the cats are killing themselves!
Boy, they're shootin' 'em up, and shootin' 'em line
They even got wings and they're shooting them fine

A big bomb hit a boat out in the sea
The sailors jumped up, hollered "Whatcha doin' to me?"‎

Boy they bring'em down lower than low
When the bomb hits the ground those cats have got to go

[bomb sound effect]

Boy, that sounds like one of those incendiary bombs

Where'd you get that word Wingie?‎

Boy, I dug it out of the dug out.‎

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