Jason McNiff
Language: English

Norice smiles me a smile
got nothing to do with the War
with her skirt above her knees
and her bare feet on the floor
but I can't think about it
because tonight we finally go
from the safety of the mountains
to the enemy below, tonight we really go
we been planning up here
for 3 months maybe more
I got Russians & Italians,
British about a score; we're a hundred men
and a order came from Florence
I'll pretend I didn't get
it said hold off your attack
we're not ready for it yet
but we can't wait no more

From who dares wins to who cares who wins!
That's the song we sing
O Norice with your smile and your deep
Italian eyes please forgive my sins

So in the misty night
with my hundred men behind
all creeping single file
shadows in the night
yeah through the night's mist
with our guns in our fist
into the lion's den
me and my hundred men
every sound's a din
once I heard a dog bark
he must 've smelled us in the dark
but it wasn't our fate to be discovered
that way, no one came outside
at night you fear your dreams
like the rustling trees
but when the dawn sings it's courage
that it brings, now we can see
Albinea from the hill in the still still still,
not a breath of wind
O Norice with your smile and your deep
Italian eyes please forgive my sins

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