Protect and Survive

Jethro Tull
Lingua: Inglese

They said protect and you'll survive
‎(but our postman didn't call)
‎8lbs. of over-pressure wave seemed to glue him to the wall
They said protect and you'll survive

E.M.P. took out the radio (*)
‎(and our milk-man didn't call)
Flash blinded by the pretty lights
didn't see his bottles fall
or feel the warm black rain arrive

Big friendly cloud builds in the West
‎(and our dust-men haven't called)
They left the dual carriageway at a hundred miles an hour
a tail wind chasing them away

And in deep shelters lurk below, sub-regional control
who sympathise but cannot help
to mend your body or your soul
Self-appointed guardians of the race with egg upon their face
When steady sirens sing all-clear they pop up
find nobody here

And so I watch two new suns spin
‎(our paper man doesn't call)
Burnt shadow printed on the road‎
now there's nothing there at all
They said protect and you'll survive
‎(*) E.M.P., Electromagnetic pulse. Le radiazioni elettromagnetiche prodotte da un'esplosione ‎‎(specialmente di un ordigno termonucleare detonato ad alta quota o fuori dall'atmosfera) possono ‎mettere fuori uso le apparecchiature elettriche ed in particolare i trasformatori delle grandi reti di ‎distrubuzione di elettricità ad alto voltaggio.‎

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