On the Backs of Angels

Dream Theater
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Lyrics by John Petrucci
Music by John Petrucci, John Myung and Jordan Rudess
Album: A Dramatic Turn of Events

In composing "On the Backs of Angels" Dream Theater tried to illustrate their signature sound.. From the start, the band envisioned the song as an album opener that, according to John Petrucci, would make their fans "feel at home".
"On the Backs of Angels" is 8:43 long with numerous time signature changes, although it is mostly played in 4/4 and 3/4 time. The song's introduction features a moody and foreboding arpeggiated guitar pattern that was written by Petrucci and inspired by Pink Floyd. At 5:51, the song breaks down into a piano passage that was improvised by keyboardist Jordan Rudess.
On November 30, 2011 it was announced that "On the Backs of Angels" has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the "Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance" category, the first Dream Theater song ever to do so..
Standing on the backs of angels
Destined to create
Mounting the attack
While heroes carry your weight
We spiral towards disaster
Survival fading faster
Riding out the wave
Content to feed off the machine
Bleeding us to death
The new American dream
You're blinded by your hunger
Beware, your days are numbered
Tears fall from the shameless
Shelter me,
Guide me to the edge of the water
Selfless are the righteous
Burden me,
Lead me like a lamb to the slaughter
Blurring lines drawn in between
What is right and what is wrong
Victims on the radar
String us along
We’re on to your agenda
The dead end road to no where
Selfless are the righteous
Burden me
Lead me like a lamb to the slaughter..

Contributed by giorgio - 2011/12/14 - 15:15

Language: Italian

Versione italiana di Andrea -

Stare sulle spalle degli angeli
Destinati a creare
Preparare l’attacco
Mentre gli eroi portano il tuo peso

Andiamo velocemente verso il disastro
La sopravvivenza sta svanendo più in fretta

Cavalcare l’onda
Contento di nutrire la macchina
Sanguinare a morte
Il nuovo sogno americano

Sei accecato dalla tua brama
Stai in guardia, i tuoi giorni sono contati

Lacrime cadono dagli spudorati
Proteggimi, guidami
sulla sponda dell’acqua
I giusti sono impotenti
Gravami, conducimi come
un agnello al macello

Lunghe linee disegnate nel mezzo
Cosa è giusto e cosa è sbagliato?
Le vittime sul radar sono d’accordo con noi

Arriviamo alla tua agenda
La strada senza uscita che
non porta da nessuna parte

Lacrime cadono dagli spudorati
Proteggimi, guidami
sulla sponda dell’acqua
I giusti sono impotenti
Gravami, conducimi come
un agnello al macello

Contributed by Andrea - - 2013/4/29 - 20:31

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