Different Trains

Steve Reich
Language: English

America-Before the War (movement 1)

From Chicago to New York
one of the fastest trains
the crack train from New York
from New York to Los Angeles
different trains every time
from Chicago to New York
in 1939
‎1941 I guess it must’ve been‎

Europe-During the War (movement 2)

on my birthday
The Germans walked in
walked into Holland
Germans invaded Hungary
I was in second grade
I had a teacher
a very tall man, his hair was completely plastered smooth
He said: ‘Black Crows invaded our country many years ago’
and he pointed right at me
No more school
You must go away
and she said ‘Quick, go!’
and he said: ‘Don’t breathe!’
into those cattle wagons
for four days and four nights
and then we went through these strange - sounding names
Polish names
Lots of cattle wagons there
They were loaded with people
They shaved us
They tattooed a number on our arm
Flames going up to the sky - it was smoking‎

After the War (movement 3)

And the war was over
Are you sure?
The war is over
going to America
to Los Angeles
to New York
from New York to Los Angeles”
one of the fastest trains
but today, they’re all gone
There was one girl, who had a beautiful voice
and they loved to listen to the singing, the Germans
and when she stopped singing they said, ‘More, more’ and they applauded‎

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