The Light of Day

The Brandos
Language: English

Before dawn each day
I'd go down below
And the walls they'd sweat
I'd sweat more
The coal-black dust
Filled the air
I'd breath it in
I could not afford to care
There were debts passed down
From father to son
From mother to daughter
From mother to son
As we owed our souls
To the company store
Each day we got less
They got more

I believe I can see
The light of the day
It's up there ahead
Not far away
I've been digging my way out
Of this dark mine
Since what feels like
The dawn of time
I believe I can see
The light of day

And the timbers placed
To support these walls
One day came down
About our heads did fall
I was buried alive
I was left for dead
But I came to
Began to dig instead
I swear when again
I can breath fresh air
Look up to the heavens
And thank God that I'm there
I'll never be buried
In this earth again
When I'm dead throw my ashes
To the four winds

Since I was a boy
I've worked this mine
They said "Son, you'll be here
Till the day you die"
But you'll get no more
Of my blood and my sweat
No more years of my life
In this God-less pit
There's sun and there's rain
And there's love up there
No cause in this world
Could drag me back here

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