Sojourner Truth

New Harmony Sisterhood Band
Language: English

A man in the back row stood up and he said
“Women are the frail sex: we’re always busy helping them
In and out of carriages up and over ditches
Now they went their suffrage.
Well, they're better home instead.”

Then Sojourner Truth rose up from her seat
“The man in the beck row says I can’t get on a carriage.
Well, no man ever helped me to get onto no carriage.
When I plowed and planted there was no man had me beat.
And ain’t I a woman?”

“Look at my arm, I can work as much as you,
And eat es much if I had food and bear the lash as well,
No man did better, I have born thirteen children.
And saw them sold to slavery and cried as mothers do,
And ain't I a woman?”

"No man came to help me, only Jesus heard me,
As I gathered into barns, no man eased my burden.
When I cried in grief no man brought me back my children,
Stand up again, mister, and take a look at me!
And ain't I a woman,
And ain't I a woman?”

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