On the Transmigration of Souls

John Adams
Language: English

1. "Missing…"
2. "Remember me. Please don’t ever forget me."
3. "It was a beautiful day."
4. "Missing: Jennifer de Jesus.
5. "Missing: Manuel Damotta
6. "I see water and buildings… "… (Quoted in numerous sources…last words of flight attendant on AA #11)
7. "We will miss you.We all love you. I’ll miss you, my brother."
8. "Jeff was my uncle"
9. "you will never be forgotten
10. "Looking for Isaias Rivera."
11. "Windows on the World"
12. "She looks so full of life in that picture
13. "it feels like yesterday that I saw your beautiful face…"
14. "I loved him from the start.
15. "You will never be forgotten."
16. "I miss his gentleness, his intelligence, his loyalty, his love."
17. "Shalom"
18. "Remember"
19. The daughter says: "He was the apple of my father’s eye." (NY Times "Portraits in Grief")
20. The father says: "I am so full of grief. My heart is absolutely shattered." (NY Times "Portraits in Grief")
21. The young man says"…he was tall, extremely good-looking, and girls never talked to me when he was around." (NY Times "Portraits in Grief")
22. The neighbor says: "She had a voice like an angel, and she shared it with everyone, in good times and bad." (NY Times "Portraits in Grief")
23. The mother says: "He used to call me every day. I’m just waiting."
24. The lover says: "Tomorrow will be three months, yet it feels like yesterday since I saw your beautiful face, saying, ‘Love you to the moon and back, forever.’" (NY Times "Portraits in Grief")
25. The man’s wife says: "I loved him from the start…. I wanted to dig him out. I know just where he is." (NY Times "Portraits in Grief")
26. "Louis Anthony Williams. One World Trade Center. Port Authority, 66th Floor. ‘We love you, Louis. Come home"
27. "Charlie Murphy. Cantor Fitzgerald. 105th Floor. Tower One North. Weight : 180 pounds. Height: 5"11". Eye color: hazel Hair color: brown. Date of birth: July ninth, 1963. Please call…’We love you, Chick.’"
28. "My sister."
29. "My brother."
30. "My daughter"
31. "My son."
32. "Best friend to many…"
33. "I love you."

John Florio
Christina Flannery
Lucy Fishman
Richard Fitzsimmons
David Fodor
Sal A. Fiumefreddo
Carl Flickinger
Eileen Flecha
Jane S. Beatty
Manuel Da Mota
Maurice Barry
James Patrick Berger
Marilyn C. Bautista
Jacquelyn P. Sanchez
Kenneth W. Basnicki
Lt. Michael Fodor
Guy Barzvi
Oliver Bennett
Eric Bennett
Charlie Murphy
Jeffrey Coombs
Domingo Benilda
Manette Marie Beckles
Paul James Battaglia
Thomas J. Fisher
Alysia Basmajian
Ivan Luis Carpo Bautista
Kalyan K. Sarkar
John Bergin
Mario Santoro
Herman Sandler
Maurice Barry
Michael Beekman
Andre Fletcher
Bryan Craig Bennett
Inna Basina
Jasper Baxter
Lt. Steven J. Bates
John Santore
Denise Benedetto
Joseph W. Flounders
Jennifer de Jesus
Donna Bernaerts-Kearns
Karleton Fyfe
Gregroy Salzedo
John Fabian
Kevin D. Marlo
Michael LaForte
David Fontana
Nicholas C. Lassman
Paul Rizza
Donald A. Foreman
Juan Garcia
Alisha Caren Levine
Frederick Gabler
Betsy Martinez
Giann F. Gamboa
Peter J. Ganci
Brian E. Martineau
Grace Galante
James Martello
David S. Barry
Dominick J. Berardi
Alexis Leduc
Brian Magee
Christopher Larrabee
Daniel Maher
Denis Lavelle
Edward J. Lehman
Elena Ledesma
Eugene Lazar
Gary E. Lasko
Hamidou S. Larry
James Leahy
Juanita Lee
Janine LaVerde
Jeffrey Latouche
John D. Levi
John Adam Larson
John J. Lennon
Jorge Luis Leon

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