I'd Rather Be (a Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkey)

Pete Young
Lingua: Inglese

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No Man's Land
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Lyrics & Music by Pete Young
Album: All Hat, No Cattle

It's really an anti-war song, and perhaps an observation on the Middle East, or it's maybe just another 'Awful Song'. Whatever, there's a lot to be said for joining the French for a nice bit of cheese and perhaps even a glass of Chateau Lafite.
"45 minutes", they said, but the French said: 'Non!'. So did the Germans. Of course, they know a thing or two about futile wars of aggression. But the cow-poke and his little poodle went off to war, and there's another fine mess they've gotten us into. Funny thing is, the little poodle believes that because he thought it was right, then he did no wrong. Oh dear."
I was in my pyjamas when I heard a startled voice
Speaking on the BBC
– You've got 45 minutes to eat your breakfast, son
Or you'll be toast you see –

There's a Zionist plot down the road from me
They can't grow olives cause the climate's wrong you see
Now I've got to move out!
['Oh dearie me' or 'I've got water on the knee'
Sing along with the line of your choice]
I'm caught between the devil
And the deep blue sea

Don't want to die
In this foreign land
You'll hear me cry
As I fall into the sand

I'd rather be
A cheese-eating -surrender monkey
I'd rather be
A cheese-eating surrender monkey..

I rather be, I'd rather be..
(A cheese-eating surrender monkey)

Don't want to die
in this foreign land..
You'll hear me cry
as I collapse into the sand..

I'd rather be
A cheese-eating surrender monkey
I'd rather be
A cheese-eating surrender monkey

I rather be, I'd rather be..

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