Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Nashville Session Players
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Richard Aberdeen
who would jesus bomb nashville

Country/folk-rock/comedy inspired by New Orleans blues artist Chris Thomas King's “What Would Jesus Do?”, as well as signs and bumper stickers everywhere; “signs, signs, everywhere there's signs”
Who would Jesus bomb? Who would Jesus bomb?
Would he blow Iraq and Iran all to kingdom come?
Would he strut around on ships after blastin' kids to bits?
Tell me, who would Jesus bomb?

Now, who would Jesus hate? Who would Jesus hate?
Would he put down all the liberals before passin' the plate?
Would he sound the immigrant call and build a great big wall?
Tell me, who would Jesus hate?

Would he brand the axis evil, subvert democracy
An' divide a united nation from sea to once shining sea?

Whose would Jesus cut? Whose healthcare would Jesus cut?
Would he say: "Go save yourself 'cause we're in a money rut"?
Would he dump seniors on Skid Row, kick poor kids in the butt?
Tell me, whose healthcare would Jesus cut?

How would Jesus dress? How would he be dressed?
Would he go down to the uptight church in his Sunday best?
Would he wear a crystal cross an' hide behind a bishop vest?
Tell me, how would Jesus dress?

Would he ignore global warming, carry an abortion sign
And vote for those who screw the sick and poor every single time?

Who would Jesus kill? Who would Jesus kill?
Would he choose twelve neo-cons to grease the Big Oil drill?
Would he wage pre-emptive war, make his grandkids foot the bill?
Tell me, who would Jesus kill?

Yeah, who would Jesus bomb? Who would Jesus bomb?
Would he start World War III and blame it on Iran?
Would he say: "Peace on earth, and goodwill to one and all"?
Or would Jesus sound the battle call?

What would Jesus say? What would Jesus say
If he was a primetime guest on TV today?
Would he join the right-wing choir or threaten their ass with fire?
Tell me what would Jesus say?

What will Jesus do? Tell me, what will Jesus do
To every priest an' preacher who lies about what's true?
Will he toss 'em down a black hole and say "too bad for you"?
Tell me what will Jesus do?
Tell me what will Jesus do?

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