Fairuz / فيروز
Language: Arabic

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(Fairuz / فيروز)
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(Fairuz / فيروز)

Witten by Assi & Mansour Rahbani
Scritta da Assi e Mansour Rahbani

Fairuz. فيروز.
Fairuz. فيروز.

Scritta dai fratelli Rahbani (Assi è il marito di Fairuz, come moltissime delle canzoni interpretate da Fairuz.
La canzone è tratta da "The Very Best Album" e qui ci sono i testi dei brani in arabo
شادي - الأخوين رحباني
من زمان أنا و زغيرة كان في صبي
يجي من الحراش ألعب أنا وياه كان أسمه شادي
أنا و شادي غنينا سوى
لعبنا على التلج ركضنا بالهوا
كتبنا عالحجار قصص زغار و لوحنا الهوا
و يوم من الأيام ولعت الدنيي
نلس ضد ناس علقوا بهالدنيي
و صار في قتال يقرب عالتلال و الدني دني
و علقت عطراف الوادي شادي راح يتفرج
خفت و صرت أندهلو وينك رايح يا شادي
أندهلو و ما يسمعني و يبعد يبعد بالوادي
من يومتها ما عدت شفته ضاع شادي
و التلج إجا و راح التلج
عشرين مرة إجا و راح التلج
و أنا صرت إكبر و شادي بعدو صغير
عم يلعب عالتلج

Contributed by Alessandro [con riaggiustamenti del Venturi] - 2006/2/13 - 11:39

Language: English

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A long time ago, when I was a child, there was a boy,
who used to come from the prairies and I would play with him. His name was Chadi.
Chadi and I used to sing together, play on the snow and run in the air.
We wrote stories on the stones and we felt the breeze,
And on one day, the world went on fire,
People fought eachother in this world,
There was a battle getting closer to the hills, and the world was still a world,
but the battle streached to the edges of the valley and Chadi went to watch it.
I got scared and called upon him, “where are you going Chadi?”,
I would call, but he won't hear me and go farther into the valley,
From that day I never saw him again, Chadi was lost,
Snow came, and snow went, for twenty years
I grow old, but Chadi remains young playing in the snow.

Contributed by Alessandro - 2006/2/13 - 18:01

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