Strange Fish

Kevin Littlewood
Language: English

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Strange fish is a song about the nuclear submarines which patrol the seas of the world.

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Words and music, Kevin Littlewood

Copyright Kevin Littlewood/Sain Records/Cyhoeddiadau Sain
Fishermen's tales told by the twilight
Down by the harbour wall,
One saw a fin, one saw a bright light
One heard a siren's call.
Nets torn to shreds
Dead sailor's heads
Tangled in terrible weed,
Strange fish!
Strange fish indeed.

Weary from waiting they crawl from the land
Down to the fleet in the bay.
Silent they swim to the sunless sand
To sit out the time and the day.
A death watch they keep as they prowl through the deep,
Fat from the fear on which they feed
Strange fish!
Strange fish indeed.

Out through the traps that are secretly set
Shoals of messages slip.
Clever young men are trawling their nets
Balanced on a silicon chip
The fishes scream as a laser-fine beam
Erases the memory we need
Strange fish!
Strange fish indeed.

We have hunted their kind to their lairs on the earth
Run them to ground on the plain
Followed them down through the loch and the firth
But now they are spawning again.
The tide's running free will you take to the sea
As the fishermen's warnings you heed
Strange fish!
Strange fish indeed.

For we came from the sea on the crest of the years
Pulled ourselves up on the shore
An infinite heartbeat still pounds in our ears
Our blood still runs with a roar
Pull in the slack for they're dragging us back
To follow where they may lead
Strange fish!
Strange fish indeed.

Contributed by Kevin Littlewood - 2010/7/21 - 08:39

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