The Spirit of Justice

Tom Neilson
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Tom Neilson
Album: The Spirit of Justice

In Jan 2002, John Ashcroft spent $8,650 to cover up the Spirit of Justice statue in the Hall of Justice because he didn't want to do press conferences in front of her exposed breast. The official line from the attorney generals office was that she was covered up for "aesthetic purposes". Still the metaphor is not lost. His censorship and abuse of power has been compared to Hitler's closing of the Bauhaus School of Design in 1933 at around the same time that he was creating his Security of the Fatherland, aka SS.
The Spirit of Justice's bust is exposed -and Johnny was in distress.
That bodacious bosom is not how he'd choose'em, -and here she was standing half dressed.
The lady's a tramp, an aluminum vamp – a lewd & lascivious slut.
To cover her shape he spent 8 Ks to drape and disappear all for her smut. (x2)

While he's out buying yardage – the nuclear garbage, the warfare is piling up.
Free speech he reduces, surveillance abuses, to fill up this oversized cup.
We've a right to bear arms, but we can't bare a breast,
especially over his shoulder.
The biggest bra in the world for this spirited girl – this 18 foot centerfolder. (x2)

This Hall of Justice hooter, you can't dispute her symbol of nurture & strength.
Of women's survival, their freedom's revival, perhaps, it's a matter of length.
In his secret prayer meetings, Johnny is treating – justice with mockery.
He's in a snit cause she bared her tit, her metal mammary. (x2)

Fear is his ministry, not civil liberty, illegal detentions are in.
For him to feel masculine, he'll teach our heroine feminine discipline.
His searching & seizure invading our leisure, spying with wire taps;
Pathologically lying and racial profiling, keeping justice under wraps. (x2)

Oh when puppets are outlawed, only outlaws have puppets, here in the U.S. of A.
If there's a boob in the White House, then why not in Justice, it's the American way. (x2)

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