Hunting Season for George W. Bush

Belo Tha Poet
Lingua: Inglese

Album: Beloveli

"Featuring George W. Bush.. this song goes out to anyone in the armed forces, or anyone that's lost someone in a conflict... Beat by ICBeats.. This is some real shit.."
Now look into my eyes and tell me the truth
Do you picture dying, lying in the streets of Beirut
Behind an inch of Kevlar, supposed to be bullet-proof
Another life gone, just some more wasted youth

And the fact is, people forgot about you
Now how's that shit for some mutherfucking gratitude
So men in suits dictate to men with parachutes
Flip a coin, tell you who it is you gotta shoot
So I guess this song's a little bit of overdue
'Cos what you're doing, no one else I know would wanna do
I bet those vets never thought they'd come home and be boo'd
This song I know is insufficient but damn.. thank you.

Now politicians as we know got their damn agenda
It's all for money, greed, power, political splendour
Can't back down, hell, don't say the word surrender
'Cos the way they see it, Baghdad cant be that horrendous
So much to do, weapon contracts that need to be tendered
So who's to blame is it Bush and all of his phoney henchmen
'Cos Clinton got impeached for getting himself some head
Bush gets re-elected, thousands of wounded and dead
The question begs, outta sight so it's outta mind?
Kids with legs missing, yep, just another mine
I guess the worst part's fighting all over a lie
And humans never learn, war, yeah time after time...

Now that's some shit Hollywood's gone and produced
Just saw a preview of a movie they had on the news
Imagine that, yea which of the character's you?
Ain't like it's over that's some shit people still going through
Let's take the kids, speech effects, wow so entertaining
Can't see no problem with that… yea, so why complaining
It's what they're saying, yea clearly can picture it now
This war's for terror, no, nukes, no, getting Saddam
So this is thoughts, thoughts that we're sending overseas
Hope it ends soon, praying to God on our knees
For the men and women fight without asking the reason
's about time we ended this hunting season.

inviata da giorgio - 11/7/2010 - 08:59

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