The Useless Eaters

Useless Eaters
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The Useless Eaters (and The New World "Order" of "Our" Society)

As far down the road as I can see
The swarming masses of conformity.
All glints of life, gone from their eyes,
Only stolen souls swallow your fucking lies.
Is your infectious disease a watchin' me?
While I wallow in my apathy
My personal freedom slipping away
But I can't complain - "I ain't got nothing to say".

And will anybody care, when we lie, dying in the streets,
Bleeding from eyes that just didn't see?
The wars in the world won't seem so far away
When we've got soldiers marching through our homes

"Taking out" the carnage!
To limit the spread…

HN51, sounds kind of manufactured, don't it?
Maybe Jesus will save you…

What makes you think that we've changed our ways
Since the age of British Empire days?
We made your homes! We've tapped your phones,
Those cars you drive and those busses you ride…
And you'll never guess what we put in your teeth…
And while you watch your TV -We're watching you…
Eyes in the Sky®…

All is known unto me!
Thanks to my tiny bits of circuitry.
And all those tiny little wires
Implanted at birth
Rammed right up your arse…

'Cuz everything you are - is all down to me.
Your freethinking liberalism – was made by me.
Your education – was designed by me.
Your lives – they are – controlled by me!!!
(So send me your children!)

But your numbers, they are getting out of hand...
And it won't be long before you'll take a stand…
Against the depravity I inflict in your tiny, insignificant lives…
I hear Martial law…is a good cure for that…

So I'll invent another virus, or I'll start another war,
I'll make billions through an arms race while I stick it to the poor
And you, well YOU, you can fight for me,
In the name of justice, freedom and liberty…

Pawns in my game!
Pawns in my game!

Police your thoughts - Take you away,
To my concentration camps on Guantanamo Bay.
I've got shackles in my railway cars…
And elitist's views…
Islamic fundamentalists' gonna be my 'Fucking Jews'?
(Meant in the context of how they were perceived by the Nazis, and not! A racial Slur!)
And only I can decide who's telling you the truth.
On your media I'll play mindless shite to feed your youth…
And I'll decide who gets aboard my oil / gravy boat…
And we'll sail the seven seas together, and rue the world…

Police this...

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