Qana II

Useless Eaters
Language: English

Another dismembered, fractured child's body dragged from your screens, and out of view.
Director screams move the damn cameras before they change a mind or two.
Bodies so badly broken… That their limbs they are a poking…
In every direction except the right one. In Sky's all new, serenity in death pose.

Babies' arms and legs extruding from the concrete ruins
The 'Precision guided!' Missiles flying overhead..
The families try to save the remains put out the fires and recover their dead.
While hour upon hour In another display of our merciless power
Oh! How we love a chance to try out our new
Acceptable weapons of mass destruction..

So its huddle in the darkness and cold of the basements for you
Better hope that the refugee convoys get through
Flyers dropped by planes say: - Move away!-
We're granting you a chance to live! You got one more day!
Till we decimate your homes, level your land,
murder your children with a wave of Bush, Blair hand.

Now you tell me, where's the safety?
When the tanks come rolling in
The Enforcers of Democracy
Are here to change your way of life!

Would you chance a run on the killing floor? With your cripples and elderly lay on doors
With shots a ringing round your ears Your fear has left you in a pool of piss
Dead bodies at your feet There's holes in the street
Another building falls down And all the soldiers in town
Are insisting that 'You' Are The Terrorists!

Well tell me this ain't living, this gun just keeps on giving
I got a body count that stacks 'em real high Complete disregard for the lives I destroy
I've a thousand yard stare and a rednecks point of view
My bloods boiling with amphetamine and the hatred I ensue

Ministers dodge questions like Afghans dodge bullets
In the most disgraceful, blatant display of denial of responsibility
Reality cannot hide that the loss of your life,
Is of no consequence to the onslaught of the war machine..

Don't want to taint your manufactured points of view
But the only news you see and the reports your shown are White House approved!

We justify the killing of old men, women and children with
'The enemy uses civilians as Human shields'

So we target you in the hope to get through
To the terrorists that threaten our very existence
In our supreme way of life…

How long before we see
Ethnic Cleansing for what it really is?
Imperialistic conquest is the true nature of.. this beast…

"Red Cross separate dead children from piles of rubble like pulling dead dogs from the mud, while Condones Lies a Rice and President Olmert sit down to a luxurious breakfast to discuss the finer points of genocide! And a controlled, world wide media reaction looks fondly upon their efforts to reach a ceasefire…

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