No Gods And Precious Few Heroes

Brian McNeill
Lingua: Inglese

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Album “No Gods”
Il titolo fa riferimento alla poesia di Hamish Handerson “End of a Campaign” – dalla raccolta “Elegies for the Dead of Cyrenaika” – in cui già ci siamo imbattuti a proposito di Farewell To Sicily.


“L’orgoglio e la gloria sono soltanto un’altra sanguinosa menzogna che loro [the fat politicians] usano per tenerci tutti sull’attenti”… “Perché è chiaro che loro preferiscono le pecore agli uomini che pensano, ma uomini che pensano come pecore sono ancora meglio”
'Cause there's no gods and there's precious few heroes
But there's plenty on the dole in the land o' the leal (1)
And it's time now to sweep the future clear
Of the lies of a past that we know was never real

I was listening to the news the other day
I heard a fat politician who had the cheek to say (2)
He was proud to be Scottish, by the way
With the glories of our past to remember
Here's tae us, wha's like us, listen to the cry
No surrender to the truth, and here's the reason why
The pride and the glory's just another bloody lie
They use to keep us all in line

So to hell with the heather and the glen
They cleared us off once, and they'll do it all again
'Cause they still prefer sheep to thinking men
Ah but men that think like sheep are even better
There's nothing much to choose between the old laird and the new
They still don't give a damn for the likes of me and you
Just mind you pay your rent to the factor when it's due
And mind your bloody manners when you pay

And tell me, will we never hear the end
Of poor bloody Charlie and Culloden yet again (3)
Though he ran like a rabbit doon the glen
Leaving better folk than him to be butchered
Or are you sitting in your council house, thinking o' your clan
Waiting for the Jacobites to come and free the land
Try going doon the broo wi' a claymore in your hand (4)
And count all the princes in the queue

So don't talk to me of Scotland the Brave
'Cause if we don't fight soon there'll be nothing left to save
Or would you rather stand and watch them dig your grave
While you wait for the Tartan Messiah (5)
He'll lead us to the Promised Land wi' laughter in his eye
We'll all live off the oil and the whisky, by and by
Free heavy beer, pie suppers in the sky
Will we never hae the sense to learn

Ah, there's no gods and there's precious few heroes
But there's plenty on the dole in the land o' the leal
And I'm damn sure that there's plenty live in fear
Of the day we stand together with our shoulders to the wheel

Ay, there's no gods!

(1) land o' the leal - place of the faithful and true of heart, Heaven (here: Scotland)
(2) fat politician - John Smith, labour leader, 1993-1994
(3) Il cattolico Prince Charles Edward Stuart (1720-1788) detto Bonnie Prince Charlie – “Bloody Prince” qui per McNeill – è stato il pretendente al trono di Inghilterra, Scozia e Irlanda contro gli usurpatori Orange, protestanti. A Culloden nel 1746 ci fu una grande battaglia tra gli insorti giacobiti, sostenitori dei cattolici Stuart, e le truppe del Duca di Cumberland, un Hannover fedele agli inglesi
(4) broo - unemployment bureau
(5) tartan - il particolare disegno dei tessuti in lana delle Highland scozzesi.

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