Lequi of the National Guard

Bob Connelly
Language: English

My name is Colonel Lequi,
Of the New York National Guard,
And I’ve come to this island of Cuba,
To fight with my National Guard.

Back home I was a milkman,
But I worked very hard,
And now, thanks to this war in Cuba,
I command New York's National Guard.

I hope that this war is soon over,
And a Spaniard I never shall see,
For he’ll probably be the type of a chap,
To open fire on me.

And what‘s even worse than this matter,
They tell me I should shoot back in return,
But they never taught me to fire,
Drinking is all that I learned.

Citizens be proud of your National Guard,
For we guard you both night and day,
True, we are not the best fighters,
But someone must march in parades.

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