All I Want

Almanac Singers
Lingua: Inglese

I don't want your millions, mister,
I don't want your diamond rings.
All I want is the right to live, mister.
Give me back my job again.

Now I don't want your Rolls-Royce, mister,
I don't want your pleasure yacht.
All I want's just food for my babies.
Give to me my old job back.

We worked to build this country, mister,
While you enjoyed a life of ease.
You've stolen all that we built, mister.
Now our children starve and freeze.

Think me dumb if you wish, mister.
Call me green or blue or red.
This one thing I sure know mister
My hungry babies must be fed.

Take the two old parties, mister,
No difference in them I can see.
But with a Farmer-Labor Party
We could set the people free.

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