We Need a Navy

Bob Connelly
Language: English

According to Mahan, we need a navy;
According to Teddy, we need a navy;
According to Hearst, we need a navy – (*)
And we'll float it in an ocean of blood.

But a lot of us here, don't want a navy;
A lot of us here are opposed to a navy;
For conscience forbids the growth of a navy,
And tinting the sea with innocent blood.

So Mahan's books will cry for a navy,
And Hearst and his paper will lie for a navy,
And Teddy is willing to die for a navy,
But the soul of our nation will stand the blame.

Our nation was founded because of oppression;
Our forefathers died fighting oppression,
But now they’d have us believe there's no sin and oppression
Nor living in the shadow of shame.

But you can't have a navy without foreign bases,
Strong tho' we be, we have no foreign bases,
Say the unholy three, unto you and me:
"We’ll merely confiscate some foreign bases."

And once we embark in this primeaval mission;
Once we take part in the primeaval mission,
We'll never erase the stain of suspicion,
In a world of hostile nations.

So let's do away with this dream of a navy,
The forgeit of honor isn't worth a mighty navy,
Respect is a weapon much greater than a navy,
For the soul of our nation will stand the blame.

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