Raise Your Ass, Raise Your Bail (The Shadow Song)

Jim Hinde
Lingua: Inglese

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from "Shout Down the Wind
Songs of Peace, Protest, and Patriotism" (2004)

«There is a war going on. This is a wartime album. The soul of America is at stake. This is our country, our government, and our responsibility. It is time to take a stand, raise a voice. These are hard songs for hard times, and by far the hardest album I have ever produced.»
(from the Liner notes)
Raise your ass out of my sight.
You’re just a punk who’s trying to pick a world wide fight.
Is that oil I see wrapped up in the Stars and Stripes?
Is it true that your "W" stands for "White"?
Phone your friends to raise your bail.
For when we haul your pretzel eating ass to jail.
The Supreme Court, you, and good ol’ Kenny Boy Lay
Versus "We the People" of the USA.
Katherine Harris, Brother Jeb,
Ashcroft, Powell, Ridge, Rice, and Rumsfeld.
Like lurking spiders in the devil’s web,
Are you trying to earn your special place in hell?
You spin your yarn from some worn out Gallup poll,
While Cheney’s getting his ass sued by the GAO.
"Hey George, get that Dick under control
Or you’ll be getting screwed just like everyone else I know."
You have your war, just like dear old Dad‘s.
Another kids’ crusade to kill un-Americans.
Will your "War on Terror" finally be won
When there’s body parts strewn all to Kingdom come?
So I ask you, George, our un-elected Czar,
Bible thumping fascist that you are,
"Are we paying Satan’s retribution price?"
‘Cause I know you didn’t learn this shit from Christ!
War is hell, life’s a bitch. Shit happens, get over it.
Oh yeah, and one more cliché lest I forget…
The White House ain’t yours, so get your ass out of it!

inviata da Lorenzo Masetti - 11/9/2005 - 00:25

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